Professional Business Solutions

At Net Works, LLC we are founded to provide IT services such as desk-side support, server creation, and wireless internet networking.  However, we pride ourselves in being an extension of your business. Strategically planning your next steps is what we desire to be a part of.  We believe in connecting businesses with positive impact solutions. 


Managed Server Support

Need a new build or are you looking to become "part of the cloud".  We have the ability to build around your preference.  Another specialty at Net Works, LLC.


Active Directory

Clean and Secure Infrastructure

Data Backup

Managed Network Support

Making sure your systems are properly networked are a major part in minimizing glitches.  This is our specialty.  We look forward to evaluating your current set-up.  


Wifi Access with proper setup for the least amount of interruption while working in the office. 

Firewalls to ensure safe data input and and output

Router installation

Network Policies


Managed Desktop Support

We can remotely access your devices to make sure they are running the way you need them to in order to be productive.  We also offer on-site services


Stay Connected

Stay Secure

Resolve errors quickly

But wait! There's More! 

Your Business Matters To Us!

A custom experience for each client is our focus.  We don't believe in cookie cutter solutions because not every business has the same needs or problems.  Each industry may bring a different hurdle.  You should expect regular communication with us. We will listen and provide potential solutions to enhance your business and productivity.  We have the ability to offer more than the typical IT services.  


Are you looking to update or create a website?  We have internal staff members that specializes in Wordpress creation.  

Every company needs to have a website, even if it's one page.  We can create it and hand over the keys or we offer managed services that ensures updates and upgrades are done painlessly. 


We are a big believer of using technology to our advantage, especially during the time of the pandemic when most people are not meeting in person.  We train clients via video tutorials and we would be happy to do the same for you.  Sometimes it is just easier to show someone instead of writing a long document with step by step instructions.  And better yet, someone has both options available to them.  Contact us to see an example. 

Document Creation

Do you need help building out a complex spreadsheet on Excel? How about creating a digital flyer to pass around to your email list? We have a talented marketing and operations professional on staff that may be able to provide you with solutions.  

Proven techniques and software solutions that can save several hours of work  from your highest paid employees.